1966 Mustang Fastback

This mustang was in pieces when I bought it about 10 years ago. The previous owner had all of the major body rust fixed and most of the body work completed (more on that later). Then for some unverified reason, had a falling out with the body shop. He took it back, traded it in on a completed Mustang. Meanwhile, the Mustang was in parts. Most parts were there, some were missing, others broken or needing to be replaced.

I bought it from the dealer he sold it to. The other good news is that for the most part, the original interior was in great shape, no tears cuts in the seats or bad spots. It's a pretty plain car. Equipped with a 289 2bbl, Automatic transmission, AM radio, power steering, no A/C, turquoise interior and Silver Blue Poly exterior.

I started restoring this car in 2009. What I though was going to be an easy restore turned into a mess. Starting with the hood, there was at least 1/2 inch body filler in the hood, so I just replaced the hood and used the old one for target practice. The driver's door was a Bondo nightmare. Since I had an extra door, I just swapped out doors and painted the new one to match. The roof had lots of Bondo in it as well, but I could not see why. I ground out all the Bondo and fixed a few dimples, the roof was fine.

The quarter panels were another nightmare! Both the left and right side had at least 1 inch of Bondo around the wheel well ridge. Whoever had worked on the car was not a body man, but a sculpturer. I took the car into a local body shop they removed the rear quarter panels and outer wheel wells. Then welded in new panels. While it was in the shop, Roger did all the final body work, fitted the panels together, then took it apart and painted the car its final coats.

Stacey wet sanded the car, and buffed it out. Soon the car will be returned home and I will install the interior, esterior trim, rear bumper, and detail the car before it goes into my Museum.

I will add more as it is finished.

Happy driving :)