1966 Mustang Coupe

This is the Mustang that I didn't want but ended up with anyway. I never did like coupes and with a faded Springtime Yellow color, this one did not impress me at all. I was called to go and appraise a Mustang that was sitting in a garage that belonged to a little old lady. Yep, you have heard that story before haven't you. Well this one is true!

She had bought the car new in 1966 out in Colorado (I have the paperwork). At some point, she tired of the winters in Colorado and moved to southern Missouri. She bought a new car that had air conditioning and drove easier, but kept the Mustang to drive on nice spring and fall days. She kept the car until she died in about 2009. Her daughter inherited the car, house and property. She still lived in Colorado, and had tried to sell the car without luck via long distance. Thinking they had overpriced the car, they called for an appraisal from me. I went out, looked at the car, did some research and called them back with a fair market price.

The man answered the phone, I gave him the price at which he should try to sell the car. He asked me if I would pay that price and I said, "No". I explained that I did not like coupes, and already had two garages full of Mustangs. He asked if I was to buy the car, what would I pay. Again I told him I was not in the market for a coupe.

He said but if I was in the market, what would I give? So I gave him a low ball figure that a person could not pass up paying, even if they did not want the car. He yelled at his wife, "Hey, will you take $xxxx much for the car?" She said yes. So I ended up with a car I did not want, but at a great price!

It is a Springtime Yellow, (poor second paint job), 289 2bbl, 3 speed, AM radio, great original black interior, two snow tires, spinner hub caps with 70,000 original miles.

Because of the great condition of the car, I plan to leave it original with the exception of a new paint job. I will keep it Springtime Yellow, replace old hard rubber seals and weatherstripping. I have rebuilt the carburetor, because it sat so long and started hard. It now starts great and drives just as good.

I do kind of like the car now. I guess it had to grow on me.

Happy driving :)