1990 Mustang Hatchback

This car was owned by a Person in a neighboring town. The car sat for several years in a field next to his house. I kept driving by and stopping to see if he would sell the car. Finally after bout a year, I found him at home, getting ready to leave and go on a motorcycle ride. I asked him if he would sell the car, he said hat he was not likely to because he really liked the car and did not want to see it get a chopped up. I told him that if he sold it to me I would guarantee that it wold be kept as it was excepting fro a new paint job and any broken/worn parts fixed. I told him that I bought and restored Mustangs and the worst condition his car would ever be in was as it set right now.

He wanted to come out and see my collection and verify what I told him. He and his girlfriend came out visited my shop, liked what they saw and he sold me the car.

At first, the car would not start. It had set for so long, the fuel pump had froze up and the tank rusted. So, I replaced the tank and pump filled it with gas and little electrons (in the form of a battery). Cranked it over and it started and ran like a top. The car handles very well, and mechanically it is in good condition.

What is needs is a new paint job, new door/decklid seals, some broken and missing interior parts replaced, new carpet, and a little TLC.

It is now April 2016, I most likely will not get started on this car until fall of 2016 or spring of 2017. At any rate, it should be about a 3 month restore. The car came with a Stealth front end and hood, a rear Saleen wing, cold air induction system, some suspension modifications and a couple more goodies. I'll post pictures later.