My Mustangs Over The Years and Now!

Back in 1966, I was driving an old Ford Falcon Futura. It was a 170 cubic inch six cylinder, no air, AM radio, 3 on the tree, rubber floor covering. But it was mine (or at least I'd like to think it was). It actually belonged to my Mother and Father, but I drove it. Then in 1968, I bought my first Mustang. It was a fairly plain car, 302 cid, 3 speed on the floor, am radio, tiny chrome center hub caps Candy Apple red car. But this one was mine, I made the payments, and I loved it!

The little red Mustang was obviously not the fastest car on the road, but by far was not the slowest. Many a race was lost and won. Mostly lost, but these losses taught me the value of a 4 speed over a three speed, a 4 barrel carburetor over a 2 barrel carburetor, better suspension and better traction. Slowly I modified my car until it was as good as I could afford. That was also a lesson that cars can become a money pit!

My next mustang was a 1965 6 cylinder junker. BUT, with enough money and a friendly junk yard, we changed the suspension from a 6 cylinder to an 8 cylinder suspension. Put in a 351 Windsor4 bbl engine with a 4 speed toploader and a 9 inch rear end with about 3.50:1 gear ratio. That swap used up all my money so the little rocket ship rode on junk yard tires and wheels for a year or so. There was a big enough hole around the shifter that trash never accumulated inside the car. Road noise was tremendous and if it rained, one had to cover the hole with rags to keep from getting wet.

The next modification was to turn my ugly little coupe into something nice. So off to the paint & body shop. I took it to Ear Schibes' body shop for a $50.00 paint job. Little did I know that they did not even wash the car before slopping on paint. After the first rain, it was a speckled car. So, I took it back and they sprayed it again. Not much better, but at least it was not spotty

I also tried my had at body modifications on the little coupe. It was my first attempt and did not turn out so well, but I drove the car for many years anyway. Slowly erasing previous mistakes. About the time I got it right, the car was dead!

I owned several other cars after that one; I bought a 1967 dark metalic green convertible that had a 4bbl & a 4 speed. Then I acquired a 1966 Rangoon Red GT. About this time I was going to junk yards and buying every Mustang they hauled in. I took them to a piece of land I owned and set them around like a grave yard. I had about 20-25 Mustangs from 1965 through 1968 years. Some I rebuilt if they were not too bad, the others became organ donors.

Anyway, that is how I started with Mustangs and I just kept buying and playing with them. I'm over 60 now and got my first Mustang at the age of 18.