Gardening page

I am in the process of converting my garden to raised beds. I hope this will make it easier on my back when I have to dig or weed. I have 5 raised beds that are 4 feet by 24 feet rectangular dimensions, and one that will be about 4 feet by 55 feet. The big one I am transplanting my asparagus plants into. Prior to this I had a 12 * 24 foot garden area dedicated to asparagus. It was very hard to weed and lots of bending over.

The first bed is dedicated to 6 rhubarb plants and 100 strawberry plants. Bed number 2 is for onions and garlic plus broccoli. Bed number three will be dedicated to Roma tomatoes for canning and just plain eating tomatoes. Bed number four is dedicated to green beans. I will have one non raised section reserved for Yukon Gold potatoes red potatoes. Lastly as I dig up the asparagus and transplant it, I will be planting acorn squash and cantaloupe. It is possible that I will squeeze in 4 - 5 cauliflower plants again. However they grow so big, and all come in at once that they are hard to store and we get sick of eating them.

Additionally we have 5 pecan trees and 13 blueberry bushes that seem to always produce much fruit & nuts. Squirrels get most of the good nuts and they devastate my pear trees. However this year it will be all out war and I plan to win.

Last year I planted cucumbers. We can eat about one a week and the garden grows 50 a week. Everyone is giving away cucumbers. So this year I plan to accept giveaways and not waste my effort and garden space.

Pictures to come as the season unfolds

Enjoy :)