Our Pets

This page is dedicated to our pets.

We have 3 cats and one dog:

Kit 1Kit 2Kit - is our oldest cat and now only has one eye, she will be about 15 years old in 2010. She's is grouchy and intolerant of the two younger cats. Often aloof, and always ready to strike out and scratch one of the others.
She is very jealous and will drive the others away if they are hanging around her adopted humans. Although Kit puts up with the dog (Molly) she is not friendly towards her. We inherited this cat when my youngest son left home.

Alas, Kit got a serious head injury and she is now totally blind. My one son took her to the city to live as an inside cat and in a fenced n back yard. Since she was raised as a farm cat, I guess she doe not like this but teh alternative is to put her down and we just cannot do this since she is healthy in every other way.

Some oriental guy that owns a restaurant in our town offere her a good home. But we thought she might end up in a recipe and kept her for our son.


AliceAlice - Alice was abandoned at the door of our local vet's office. He took a liking to the cat and was going to keep it, but he offered her to us and the rest is history.In a previous life Alice was an indoor cat and still believes she is, - although she isn't.
Notorious for sneaking into the house. Alice will appear at whichever door you open and charge into the house. Once in she quickly moves to the farthest point in the dwelling and hides or attempts to. This game got old very quickly. It's still old and she is still doing it.
But Alice is very loving and makes up for her sneaky actions by just being sweet.

EddieEddie - Eddie is the youngest of all our cats. In this picture, he kind of resembles a luck dragon. He acts more like a dog than a cat. He follows or leads us anywhere we go. Comes when he is called, and just loves people. He even likes Kit although she does not like him.
Eddie was only about 4-5 weeks old when my wife rescued him from a wood pile behind her work place. Obviously abandoned by his mom, he was starving and she fed him milk and kitty food until he trusted her enough to let he catch him.
Then is was off to the vet for shots and a check up. Then back to the farm, which has been his home every since. Eddie never met a person he did not like. He is a real pest, not taking no for an answer, he demands attention.
Eddie also thinks he is a dog. If you go walking in the woods, he will follow you for miles. Everything is a game to him. Fortunately he is not a good hunter so other critters around the house ar reasonably safe unless they get really stupid.

dogMolly (dog) - Molly alas is as dumb as a bucket of worms. Loving and dedicated to doing anything she is not supposed to do. Barks all night to keep us awake, but also to let us know in no uncertain terms that she is on duty. Drags every dead and dying thing she can find into our yard. Constantly runs away and goes to our closest neighbor's house (about 3/4 mile away) and stays there until we pick her up.
Molly got her name for the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" except hers is the "Unfenceable Molly Brown" . We obviously call her Molly for short. And she has live up to her name quite well. Better than I hoped for.
As with all pets Molly has her good points. If you find any, email me and if I agree, I'll add them.
A couple of weeks ago, Molly had her fourth run in with a skunk. She lost again (shunks 4 - Molly 0). We though the smell had disapated but it rained and OMG did she ever start to smell again. I am wondering how many times she will atempt to best the skunks.

Several months passed and Molly lost her fight with another skunk. Does the word DUMB fit here?