Snow Skiing

Although I love to ski, I have not been able to do it for the last two years. Last year, my youngest son got married, and this year I have had some issues with my knee that requires surgery. However, I will be posting some information as it becomes available regarding "improvements" at my favorite ski resort and other resorts.

Happy trails :)

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Getting to Steamboat is fairly easy. I usually drive and once headed out of Denver on I-70 it is a snap. Drive until you go through the Eisenhower tunnel (Continental divide) go down the long hill into Frisco, and exit there. You will want to take 9 north toward Kimmerling. Go through Kimmerling on 9 and follow it to Highway 40. Go west on 40 into Steamboat.

Steamboat is a very large ski area. It has enough mountain that it is very seldom crowded and it has a lot of lift lines and trails you seldom wait long for a new run.

But boy are they proud of their lift tickets! A season pass to Steamboat is about 3 times as much as it is for the Summit County Ski area. I may take up skiing at Breckenridge where I can ski all winter for the price of skiing one week at Steamboat.


Our favorite place to stay is right on the slopes. There are several lodges off either ski time square, Christy base, or Storm Meadows.


I am going to have to work on this one. Because we try to eat out 2-3 times when we are there. It gives mama a break from the kitchen and us a variety of eats.

My favorite restaurant is one that serves wonderful hot wings and beer. Located in the basement off Main Street - Editors choice goes to the Tugboat .

Other things to do:

SNOWSHOEING. The last time we went to Steamboat, my wife and I tried snowshoeing. Because we were new to it we did not go far. We hiked up the hill several hundred yards, turned around and came back. One reason we came back is because one of the shoes started to come off at the binding. Since they were borrowed shoes, we did not want to break them so we turned around. However, we can see where this would be great fun and a wonderful form of exercise.

HIKING- We were at the post office one time and a teller told us about a path that ran back to a waterfalls. After ferreting out the road to the trail, we hiked it. It was about 1/2 to 3/4 miles to the falls and it was beautiful. I recommend trying out the trail and walking it. One can also hike along the Yampa River. It is very hot and steams all year round. It also smells like sulphur but, none the less it is a nice hike.

Other Ski Resorts we like are Breckenridge Colorado and Alta Utah.

I think the ski area I enjoyed skiing most was in Alta, Utah. It was a blast. However, it is a very long drive from where we live and it has one major drawback as far as I was concerned, and that was a lack of places to stay and eat near the slopes.

Breckenridge however has a ton of places near or on the slopes. Season passes are reasonable as far as lift tickets go and there are many trails and lifts. Breckenridge's primary drawback is the proximity of denver. Many of the locals get up in the morning and drive to Summit county which is where Breckenridge is located. They ski all day and then make the 90 minute commute home in the evening. Therefore, it is significantly more crowded than resorts farther away. Still it is great skiing and many accommodations.