1966 Mustang Coupe 

-- $14,000 -- Restored!


This is another rare find, a 1966 Mustang Springtime Yellow coupe with 70,000 actual miles. The car was bought new in Colorado in 1966, by a young lady. She was married and used the car as "her" car only to do errands and such. Because she lived in Colorado, the car did not have air conditioning, and didn't need it. However she moved to Missouri and the hot muggy summers put and end to driving the little Mustang with a black interior. So she bought a small car with air conditioning and parked the car in her garage for about the next 20 years.

She died about eight years ago in about 2013. Her estate tried to sell the car but had no luck since they were in Colorado and the car was in Missouri. I ended up buying the car, fixing a stuck fuel pump, rebuilding the carburetor and fixing a few minor problems. The biggest thing that was wrong with the car was the paint job sucked! The underbelly of the vehicle is almost rust free and is in great condition. But the car needed some work. It looks to me like there was some rear end damage at one time. Someone replaced the rear valance, the talillight panel and the driver's side rear quarter panel. This was a professional job with good quality plug welds and a lot of them. Some time later there right rear lower quarter panel behind the rear tire was patched. This was not quite as good a job as the other repair. But I have to say that it was good enough for me not to notice it upon my first inspection.

This '66 coupe is a 70,000 mile rust free 289 3 speed. It's a stripped down low mileage car. It starts and runs fine, and since it is such a low mileage car, I do not intend to rebuild the engine or transmission. It does not leak oil and has no known mechanical problems. I disassembled the car and painted it. I had to so some body work to get it perfect. We applied 3 coats of primer, sanded the car smooth Then painted the car with 3 coats of the original Springtime Yellow paint. The car was 2000 grit wet sanded, buffed with McQuires coarse and then fine bugging compound. It ehen received a good coat of wax and was woolie polished. The seats were goodbut I reupholsteried the front seats, carpes has been deep cleaned and vacuumed. The headliner is good. Door panels were replaced, some chrome is lightly pitted and the radio does not work. Bumpers were replaced was were all the badging. Any rubber pieces that were worn or defective were replaced. I did add one major part. the car is now equipped with a resto under dash air conditioner just liek originally used on factory cars from the '60s.

Because of the great original condition of the car, I left it as original as possible.

I do kind of like the car now. I guess it had to grow on me.

General Information

For general information about this car including specifications and tune-up info, follow this link.

Documentation and Pictures

I am including the restoration photographs at this time. Current documentation on the restoration process can be seen by following this link.