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This web site was dedicated to my Mustang hobby. Since I decided to sell off most of my collection, Currently I have only 4  Mustangs left for sale, a 1966 289 V8 coupe, a 1986 v6 convertible, 1 1894 Mustang GT convertible and a 2012 Mustang GT coupe.

I started rebuilding Mustangs in the late 1960's. I have been doing it now for over 55 years. There is very little that I have not done or tried to do with the many Mustangs I have owned. Getting older means getting stiffer and its harder to get inside the treasures and perform routine cleaning and wiring modifications.

Rather than let them slowly decline, I am trimming down my inventory. To the left is a list of cars for sale. Each classic Mustang will be fully documented including previous history, current status and restoration progress. The restored Mustangs have a firm price. If you are not confident in buying a used Mustang. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself when purchasing a used Mustang. When you come to me, I will not be offended if you are careful while looking and examining any Mustang or part I am selling. I have tried to carefully and honestly document each Mustang. I will put each vehicle up on a lift so you can inspect the undercarriage, you may examine the cars records, quality of work and hear it run. Should you decide not to buy, no problem, I will not be offended. Should you decide to buy, I will discuss the sales process with you and you may either ship the car or drive it home.


Parts For Sale

I have been activly selling parts and have sold all the transmissiona and classic engines. I have a multitude of hard to find original parts, send an email to jeraldwalters@gmail.com to inquire if I have what yo need.

Thank you, I look forward to dealing with serious buyers.

Last updated Dec 2023