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Well, it has been several years since my last retirement. We have enough firewood cut and split to last for at least 3 years. The 1965 fastback Mustang is in the final stages of being completed. It has been painted, reassembled and is now awaiting the installation of a rear bumper and the interior. The garden is planted and asparagus is coming up, blueberries are starting to ripen.

This spring I undertook a major cleanup around the farm. Picked up all the scrap metal and made a recycled run. Then picked up all old wood and concrete pieces and made a dump run. I moved all the old Mustangs except one into the repair building, getting them out of the weather.

I bought a 2 post car lift to use when working on the Mustangs. It will make it a lot easier when performing work on the under side of the vehicles. It will also facilitate performing body work on the lower part of the cars. I cannot believe how inexpensive the car lifts have become.

Back in 1968, I bought my first Mustang. It was not a fancy car, had few options, and since gas was cheap I could afford to make the payments and buy gas.

I sold the car to my father when I moved to Missouri, he in turn sold the car to my cousin and bought my cousin's Volkswagon. Seems my dad's commute in a Volkswagon was cheaper (but colder in the wintertime). My cousin who was closer to my age loved the Mustang.

Several years later, I bought a 1965 6 cylinder Mustang. It as a dog. So with the parts and help from a local junk yard, We converted it to a 351 Windsor, 4 speed with a 9" limited slip rear end and and 8 cylinder front suspension. The car would go like a rocket with that big engine and a 4 speed. That was a time when the car helped me make lots of friends. Many people wanted to ride in the fast car, others just wanted to pull me over. Seems for a few years I knew every policeman on a first name basis. Can't say I am not glad those years are behind me.

I drove that car to death, it had over 350,000 miles on it and although the engine still ran fine, the suspension was just falling apart. So I junked that car and bought a 1967 289, 4 speed metallic green convertible and a 1968 Mustang coupe. Although 1960's cars were fun to drive, nowhere in the description was the word reliable so I always had one car apart either building an engine or upgrading some part or another. So I also bought a 1968 289 Mustang coupe. The wife got the 1968 coupe in a divorce so I bought a Rangoon Red (Orange) 1966 Mustang 2+2 GT with a 4 speed. I kept the 1966 and 1967 cars until 1983 when I sold them both and bought a 1983 5.0 4bbl coupe with a 5 speed transmission. Over the next few years, I bought about 20-30 Mustangs and stored them on some land I owned. I used them for parts or even restored some.

A dear friend of mine Herb Stein and I worked on his and my Mustangs. Herb had a 1967 390 GTA, lime gold interior and metallic green exterior. Many a night was spent drinking cheap beer and installing expensive parts. I wish I still had my two older cars and I wish Herb was still alive today. I am building a 1968 Shelby clone and am dedicating the car to Herb. I am not sure where Herb is at now, but I hope he has either wings or a Mustang. I am reasonably sure God drives a "FORD". After all, why would he settle for less than the best.

That car lasted until 1986 when we needed a Bronco to carry all the kids (4) when we sent skiing, on vacations or other places a family goes. Damn I missed those Mustangs.

I was Mustang less from 1986 to 1998. My youngest son always looked at the Mustang pictures I had and asked if we could restore another Mustang as a father and son project. I agreed and I bought a 1970 Mach 1 from down in Florida. That car took about 4 years to finish. My son bought a 1967 Mercury Cougar and we restored it. The next project was a 1972 limited edition Mustang Spirit, then a 1968 Mustang Shelby clone, then a 1984 Mustang GT convertible. I bought a 1997 Cobra in excellent condition that did not need restoration. Next I bought a 1965 2+2 289 2bbl automatic transmission, and nest a 1966 Springtime yellow coupe that that 70,000 original miles. Sometime in there I bought a 1987, 1989 & 1976 Mach 1. Finally I purchased a 1990 GT.

All that remains to be done on the 1970 is put in a transmission for the third time. Have a front end alignment and enjoy it

The 1968 is now completed (2016). All that remains is to test everything and fire it up. That was a 6 year project, but worth it.

The 1984 convertible was completed in 2010 and is drivable.

he 1972 need the some of the interior reassembled and then it needs testing and starting.

As mentioned earlier, the 1965 fastback is almost completed

Back in 2010 I finished the 1984 Metallic Gray 5.0 convertible.

Thus in 2016 I really only have the 1966 Coupe to start repainting. It is a 70,000 mile rust free 289 3 speed coupe. Basically a stripped down car. Since it is such a low mileage car, I do not intend to rebuild the engine or transmission. It does not leak oil and has no known mechanical problems. I will pull the engine and transmission. Strip and repaint the engine compartment, Strip and repaint the Springtime yellow color. Then reassemble. The seats are not cracked, headliner is good. Door panels need to be replaced, some chrome is pitted and the radio does not work. Looks to be an easy 1 year restoration.

I plan to sell the 1986 convertible and perhaps restore the 1987. That is still up in the air at this time. I definitely will fix up the 1990 GT. It is a really neat car. A white exterior with a Stealth kit and titanium gray interior with a 5 speed.

I am getting older and may not do the factory 5 restoration I had hoped to do. It is up for grabs at this point. But the light is growing dimmer.


About My Family

We live in God's country AKA the Ozarks. Here we enjoy all four seasons in our country home. Sometimes we don't enjoy summer because of the heat and bugs. But it could always be worse so why complain.

My wife is a real sweetheart. At least she is most of the time. The rest of the time, I don't plan to discuss in public on this site. We have four boys (Brian, Larry< Andy and Brad), none still at home, I find it is easier to sporadically enjoy their company than to live around them. But they are all wonderful. But they can't move back!

We also have 2 cats and one dog: Follow the link if you want to hear about these three. Last time we had 3 cats and 1 dog. coyotes or an eagle got my favorite cat. So the numbers have been reduced by one and I now have a new favorite cat.

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