1984 Mustang GT Convertible 

-- $13,500 -- As is.


I bought this Mustang to clean up and resell, but could not bring myself to sell it. Ergo here it still is! There are some minor things wrong with it . Mostly cosmetic stuff. The radio is wired to a switched electrical circuit so whenever you turn off the car, all setting are lost. The A/C needs to be recharged. It needs a paint job. The dash is cracked and the sun visors are cracked. That is not too bad for a car that is 26 years old.

Here it is December of 2010, and I just got the convertible back from the paint shop. It has a new coat of paint, and really shines. The car was painted at Prewett's Collision and Repair in Willow Springs. Stacy and I stripped the car and , and I sanded all the old paint off. Then Roger Perkins and Stacey painted it. It is a silver metallic base coat with a smoke metallic accent. Except the top pieces near the roof, and they are a flat back.

I have ordered new door panels, a new dash and new sun visors. This car was finished in January of 2011.

The rear gears were replaced. I changed the 4:10 gears to 3:50's.

Eventually I may replace the top, it has one tiny hole in the rear fold down section. Everything is fixed except the radio wiring. I guess I should get to that and have the car 100% done.